The Ultimate Diet and Workout Plan to Lose Weight or Build Your Muscles And Get Rid Of Fatigue For Good!

Diet and Workout PlanFinding the right mix of diet and workout plan is not as daunting as it looks. The problem looks much bigger than it actually is simple because of the fitness enthusiasts’ insufficient knowledge about diet. Educate yourself on what you should eat before and after your workouts.

You should also know whether it is good to exercise empty-stomach or whether you should store some energy in your body an hour before you hit the gym. Quite often afternoon exercisers skip lunch only to find themselves totally exhausted in the middle of the workout. Similarly those morning exercisers who start their workout empty stomach cannot complete their workout for lack of energy. The following guidelines will help you strike the right balance between your diet and workout plan.

While some exercises give best results when performed empty stomach, it is preferable to have some energy in reserve for the workout.

1Pre-workout diet Plan

For 30-minute cardio: You actually need to eat anything before a 30-minute cardio, however, if you feel the need you can rely on the following energy sources which don’t take long to digest such as:

  • Bananas and apples
  • Dried fruits
  • Honey (an instant source of high energy)